Introducing my new book Animals in Trouble

My new book contains 26 true short stories of animals which have found themselves well and truly stuck and highlights the stoicism and sheer will to survive that they have when they find themselves in these predicaments. It is a collection of the more unusual, dramatic and amusing incidents often involving iconic buildings and places in London. Ideal for readers of all ages with an interest in animals.

Author: John Brookland

John Brookland is an animal welfarist, and amateur historian. He authors two popular blogs: and with a monthly worldwide readership of thousands. He has written seven books on his exploits helping animals, also on social history and a book on the war horses of World War One. During his long and varied career which has taken him round the world, he has unfortunately witnessed most of the horrors of animal cruelty there is to see and has gained extensive insight into most animal welfare issues which he uses to write his blogs. He is now retired and still travelling the world with his partner to view wildlife and wild places before they and he disappear.