Animals in Trouble

Animals In Trouble

A new book of true stories about rescuing trapped animals.

Animals in Trouble is a collection of unusual, heart breaking and amusing true stories involving trapped and injured animals and their rescues, which the author attended while working as an RSPCA officer for a small emergency service unit in London. Accompany the author as he rushes to the aid of these animals and discover how

Whiskers the tom cat used up one of his lives yesterday stuck in a drainpipe. Nobody had told him that a cat his size, a mouse and a drainpipe didn’t fit. So when he saw the mouse run down the pipe he dashed in straight after it. Then the rooftop drama began………………..” London Evening News

Read more about what happened to poor whiskers by buying the book now.

Animals in Trouble book

ISBN: 978-1072800408 189 pages b&w photographs

RRP £8.99

Latest book by John Brookland & published by BitzaBooks in 2019


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