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Animal Rights and Wrongs is a popular animal welfare blog and website with readers in many countries. It has hundreds of followers on LinkedIn and Facebook who read the regular blog. There are over one hundred informative and thought provoking articles to peruse and research on a variety of international and domestic issues.

They are written from the perspective of someone who has seen it all before during a four decade career working on the front line of animal welfare in various roles in the UK and many other countries. I take a pragmatic and sometimes critical look at a wide variety of animal welfare, rights, law and conservation issues particularly our pet keeping habits and general attitudes to animals, highlighting our constant failure to solve animal abuse and maintain their welfare.

It would appear from past performance, that animal abuse is inescapable, a fact which has been a constant frustration and irritation during my career. We desperately need a change in mindset if we are to ever get on top of animal abuse.

I hope you find the website informative.

John Brookland

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