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John Brookland writes books about his animal welfare experiences and social and mlitar history. They are suitable for readers of all ages. All books are available to buy on this website or from Amazon Books. Bitzabooks welcomes international orders.

There From the Start chronicles the dangers and hardships of the war horses and the incredible bond with the men in WW1.
There From the Start book cover
ISBN: 978-1094956763 R.R.P. £9.99 151 pages with b/w photos.
Special offer direct from publisher including postage: £11.00

ISBN:979-8503275230 R.R.P £9.99 80 pages including b/w photos and illustrations

Special offer direct publisher including p&p: £9.99

When Cats Got Stuck Up Trees describes the author’s adventures on the RSPCA Night Emergency Service in 1970’s London.
ISBN: 978-1479230419 R.R.P £6.99 books 254 pages with b/w photographs.
Sale price from publisher £7.00 including postage

Animals in Trouble is a collection of true short stories that the author was involved in while an RSPCA officer in London.
ISBN 978-1072800408 R.R.P £9.99. 186 pages with bw photographs
Special offer: £10.00 including postage:
Trinidadian Dog Days follows the exploits of the author while helping the street dogs of Port of Spain.
Trinidadian Dog Days book
ISBN: 978-1499767919 R.R.P £9.99 308 pages with bw photos. Amazon books.
Direct from publisher including postage: £11.00

Injury, Damage to Health & Cruel Treatment is a graphic report on the trade in wildlife through Heathrow Airport.
Injury, damage to Health & Cruel Treatment book cover
ISBN: 978-1519300164 56 page booklet with 32 b&w photos. RRP £4.99

This is a shortened revised edition of a graphic report about the cruelty involved in the wildlife trade by air through London Heathrow Airport.

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